GDPR* and Privacy Policy

Personal information provided by you to 10th Chingford Scout Group will only be used for the following purposes by the Scout Group: 

For the waiting list and section management, we hold children and adults’ details in Online Scout Manager. Their Security policy is here:

Once your child is registered on Online Scout Manager we will invite you to confirm and/or update the details held about you and them. You can then set up your own account to be able to review this at any time, if you choose to.

Adult volunteers’ details are also kept within the Scout Association’s Compass system, which has the following privacy policy:

We will use the contact details you supply in order to contact you about Group activities only. We will not share any of your details with any third party unless such disclosure is required by law.

For all online systems we set appropriate access levels, and encourage adult volunteers to use strong passwords. Where available we also encourage the use of two-factor authentication. Adults with access all have DBS clearance and have completed the Scouts’ Safeguarding and GDPR training.

Your records will be deleted from the system when no longer required.

We are currently trying to move all our personal communication, payment records and Event booking to Online Scout Manager. Please bear with us while we get away from the paper (which we shred or burn)! 

The Website

Emails sent via the website will only be used for the purposes of answering your queries or booking the Hall. They will be deleted once they are no longer needed.

Some of our web pages may use cookies and other tracking technologies. A “cookie” is a small text file that may be used for example to collect information about web site activity. We do not collect any personal or identifiable information from this although packaged features such as spam prevention may register IP addresses and locations.

This website contains links to external internet sites. This privacy statement applies only to

* General Data Protection Regulation